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Project Cordless IPTV APK Download

Project Cordless IPTV also has an APK available for some Android devices. Please note it does not work on mobile phones. The App is not featured packed as the Kodi Add-on, Web Player, or even Perfect Player. However, it is easy to setup and use. Please do not message us letting us know the app does not work for you. If it does not please choose one of the other methods to watch Project Cordless IPTV. 


If you are using any device other then an Amazon Fire Box. Please skip to the end for instructions. 


Step 1. Open Downloader. If you don't have it download it from the app store it is free. 


Downloader APK


Step 2. Enter the Link and select go. 



Step 3. Scroll down to IPTV. NOTE: The Cursor does not have to be directly over the words IPTV. Select IPTV.



Step 4. Select Project Cordless IPTV APK which will begin the download. 



Step 5. Select Install



Step 6. Select Done. Then Done Again. Then Hit the Home Button. 

Step 7. Hold down the Home Button On Your Remote. To Bring Up The Apps Menu. 



Step 8. Select Apps and scroll down to Project Cordless IPTV. 



Step 9. Select it. Sign into your account using your assigned credentials and begin to enjoy Live TV!




If you are on an Android Device other then the fire devices. Simply Use any Web Browser and visit scroll down to IPTV and select the Project Cordless IPTV APK link. That will begin the download. 

If the App Does not Download or Work on your device. It simply means it is not compatible with it. 



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