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Perfect Player Setup Guide

Perfect Player is compatible with all Android devices including mobile android phones. It is my preferred choice on how to watch Project Cordless IPTV.


Step 1. Begin By Downloading The Application Onto Your Device. In this Guide, i am using an Amazon Fire Device. 



Step 2. Once The Application is downloaded on your device. Open It. 


Perfect Player Start up Screen


Step 3. Scroll Over to the Settings Scroll Wheel HighLighted in Purple.



Step 4. Click On General Which Will Then Bring Up The Screen Below.



Step 5. Select Playlist and enter the following Link:

IMPORTANT: You'll want to replace xxx with your assigned username and password.



Step 6. Once you entered the entire link and replaced xxx with your assigned username and password then press next. After that scroll down to OK.



Step 7. Scroll down to EPG & Hit the Select Button on the Remote. 



Step 8. Enter This Link Exactly as it is spelled no replacements : 

This is the Link That Will Pull Up The TV Guide. 



Step 9. Hit Next & Then Hit OK.

Step 10. Head Back & Go To the GUI Menu. 



Step 10. Once in the GUI Menu Scroll down and select the option to Show Channel Groups as Folders. This will help when sorting through all the Channels. 



Step 11. Head Back To The Main Screen And You Will See The Channels Begin To Populate. 



Step 12. Select The Context menu button on your remote. On the Amazon Device, it is the 3 horizontal lines which will pop up the menu options below. 



Step 13. Select Show EPG. Once Selected The TV Guide Will Populate. See Screenshot Below. 



Step 14. Pressing Left on the Remote Brings Up The Group List. 



Step 15. Once You Select Your Category You can Click On What you want to watch. For This Example, I selected Premium Movies. War Dogs. Which was on Live. 



Step 16. That's It Your All Done. If you did not get set up correctly please refer back to Step 5 & 6 which is more then likely where things went wrong. 


You can also watch our video guide below for help with the setup.



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